Conservation and Archival Picture Framing

Why you want picture framing? The answer to this question is really important, if you want a proper framing. Traditional custom framers at shop fronts have an aim quite apart from what you want. Following their approach is like making money go down the drain.


Most commercial framers try to make money while maintaining the value and present ability of e https://nhacaiuytin.group/the art work for a long time. Seems a reasonable objective, isn’t it? But at the same time you need to consider the dissimilar objectives of the OEM (original Equipment Manufacturing) framers who just work with a single aim of keeping the costs low. They don’t have any compelling reason to prolong the value of artwork.

Conservation and Archival Framing

Conservation picture framing assures nothing potentially acidic comes in contact with the artwork. If the adhesive used in coating the artwork is devoid of acidic content, it can still be called conservation picture framing. The long term value of artwork is seriously compromised but since the adhesive is acid free, the presentability stays on. This is done by the majority of the picture framers.

If the artwork has long potential term value, most picture frames won’t cut it with the adhesive. They just reverse the process for items like digital prints and posters. Limited edition prints and original artwork are handled differently, by using proper mounting tapes, or trapping artwork with mounting tapes and strips against the backing.


Most picture framing Cobham shops practice conservation and archival framing. It maintains its presentability in the long run and also preserve its value. This kind of picture framing is more expensive compared to regular framing and is a profitable option to picture framers.

A point to be noted here is conservation framing may or may not preserve the long term value. One needs to distinguish between presentation and preservation. Just because something is good in presentation doesn’t mean its value has been retained.

Museums and art galleries understand that for artwork to retain its value, it must be retrievable in original condition. Any change in the artwork will threaten its value.

This is commonly performed by several picture framers. Few things alter the artwork more dramatically than the adhesive like when they apply the dry mount press before framing. Still it is referred as conservative framing.