Cure Your Addiction

how to permanently quit addictions!!

I am a reformed alcoholic. I am a reformed chain smoker.
I am an ex-fat person. I am also not selling anything.
My only wish now is to help people by passing on my
knowledge; I guess this sounds too good to be true.
When you have really nearly died a fewer https://i9bet.trading/ times, money
takes on a sort of reduced role in your thinking.
Make no mistake about it, we are all going to die,
even you will die one day. When you are young this
seems a long long way away, I’m fifty now, and it
sure seems a little closer to hand than it did.
So it makes sense to make the time I have left
quality time, free of drink smoking and obesity;
after all it is easier to get older if you feel fitter,
than if you are ruining your body daily.
I wish I had started earlier in life, YOU CAN.

You may think I have superhuman will-power to
quit drinking and smoking (and gambling and all
other excesses). To a certain extent that is true;
I have a great deal of will power, but I also have
a method, a way of thinking, which helps.

For some reason, and it may have been a good
one at the time, you have a craving, an overpowering
addiction. You love something more than you
love yourself at the present time.

Think “myself or my health.”

In this “New Labour” “Tony Blair” type world,
certainly in Britain, everything is explaina