Displaying A Pirate Ship Model

was therefore a common sight in the 1800’s, all the way up to World War I.The wooden pirate ship infers a great feeling of liberty and the freedom to do what one pleases, and as such is a symbol of both limitless options and hedonism. As opposed to the navies of the countries of the world, a wooden pirate ship tended to sail alone as opposed to in fleets.Men and women alike who are highly unique and value their individuality above all else will find great comfort in the wooden pirate ship as a symbol of that very independent spirit. Famous pirate ships that are constantly replicated on a smaller scale include those of Bluebeard and Sir Francis Drake, Queen Elizabeth’s most famous pirate advocate.A popular pastime is to tinker with a ships model and create one’s own based on the best or most preferred aspects of many other ships.Those who choose a wooden pirate ship to buy may become entranced with the beautiful shine of the wood; many choose lustrous woods for just this reason.Great care should be taken around the external bits of wood such as the mast and rudder, as they can snap off quite easily and should be displayed


somewhere secure.Sturdier types of the wooden pirate ship can be bought and are ideal for households with children. Glass or sturdy protective cases should be considered when buying a wooden pirate ship that has many small parts or is delicate.Many wooden pirate ships are assembled in glass bottles for this very purpose.Wooden pirate ships may also occasionally have small, miniature cannons or other weaponry installed on their decks depending on the quality of the ship.The most individual part of a wooden pirate ship tends to be the stand-out pirate flag that catches attentions and sparks imaginations, and each tends to have a different emblem or style to it.The ship’s sails are another distinct feature of wooden pirate ships and are very eye catching.Sea spirits and goddesses are common images carved into head masts and the bows of wooden pirate ships, and bring with them an air of mystique and mysticism to the high seas.